Command Your Morning

I’ve read the story about Job over and over again…and I’ve never really understood why he complained so much about life.

It doesn’t matter. But one day, I read something…God asked him “Have you commanded your morning… (Job 38:12)”.

Although I believe the context of this was totally different, that question hung on my shoulder…

We are speaking beings…Why do we complain about everything…when we also have the power to command our morning?

This page will give declarations, professions and tidbits about these things… As often as I feel led to!

You can call this my intercession page. But if you have something to share, or if you  would like to add your own ‘command to your day to have it reposted, please feel free to post!





4 thoughts on “Command Your Morning

  1. May the Lifter of the souls of men continue to inspire you as you encourage many like me. I live in Kenya. The word is very timely. Kenya will speak to its morning. As an intercessor i believe this is God’s doing. Thank you.

    • Hi Monica. I have friends from Kenya. So I understand your heart. I am praying that God’s Elect will rise up and join you in commanding the morning.

  2. God is so speaking to us….I go to Covenant Church of Pgh. and our Bishop has been teaching how we need to say something, to activate things in the spiritual to manifest in the physical! We’ll lets be commanding our mornings from now on… in Pittsburgh and Kenya and all over the World! I am agreeing with you Monica and Schadah! Thank you Lord for your powerful Word!

  3. day for Jehovah Gibohor!! Mighty God,Mighty God rising up in overcome..We rise up with You…In You we declare your victory and Declare your kingdom come, your will be done here in the earth as it is in heaven.

Thanks for saying something encouraging :)

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