Walking into sunshine

I didn’t intend on blogging today, but my son was ill while at school, and so I took the rest of the day off of work to nurse him back to health. Kudos to single moms everywhere. Not everyone understands or appreciate what you do, but do it because God has blessed you with the incredible anointing to raise your little ones.

Anyhoo, I really wanted to write to  you about what I felt the Holy Spirit ministered to me yesterday. It’s not particularly on the topic of relationships, but I hope you can be encouraged by this.

Yesterday, while on my break, I took a drive to clear my head. From the time I got into the car, it started to rain. I mean it was a downpour. I needed to clear my head, so I went away. While driving, my phone rang. I thought I should let it go to voicemail given the conditions on the road, but it was a call that I had been expecting for a few weeks so I answered it (on speaker, of course). The woman that I was speaking with started the conversation by telling me how lovely the day was. I thought perhaps she was out of the city that we both lived in. And so I asked her, “where are you?” She said she was heading back to the office. Seeing that I was literally two blocks away from her office, I found this strange. So I asked her to clarify.

It turned out that she was exactly two blocks away from where I was driving. Actually she was on the same major street that I was driving on, but two intersections further up. Where she was walking, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and the grounds were as dry as can be. But where I was driving, which wasn’t too far off from where she was, the weather was not so pleasant. I could hardly see outside my window at one point, because it rained so hard.

I thought to myself…”huhm. This is interesting”. As I focussed to get a glimpse of what was ahead of me, I realized something. I saw what she was seeing. That in just a few more minutes, the rain would be behind me. If I kept driving a little longer, I would drive myself out of the rain patch I was in, and drive myself into a beautiful place. It was only 3 mins away. Where I was standing, it looked horrific, but there was sunshine ahead!

I want to encourage someone today, to go forward. Where you are standing… where you are at right now in life, may seem like a never-ending storm. But a few feet away, you could walk into sunshine. Dark clouds may be hovering over you. But ahead, God has sunny patches prepared for you, bright sunshine and so much more. Keep pressing forward to what lies ahead of you.


Thanks for saying something encouraging :)

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