Does He constrain you?

Last weekend, I had the beautiful opportunity to tell someone off. Or as the Guyanese people would say- ‘give them a piece of my mind’. Somehow, I found myself articulating my thoughts in a very diplomatic and professional and most of all Christ-like way. This baffled me for a while. I have always been known to be one of those people who either speaks her mind, or hides her thoughts. Yet somehow on this particular occasion, I was able to speak something totally ‘Christ like’ that would not cause a ‘kerfuffle’ no matter how much the other party wanted to start one up.

I thought about this over the last couple of days… and I realize that I am not the same person that I used to be 4 years ago. I am actually not the same person I was 1 year ago or 6 months ago.

The Love of Christ constrains me- 2Cor 5:14.

That is, the way He loves me, and the way that His love flows in me, constrains me from being a certain way as the days go by. In fact, it makes me uncomfortable to be a certain way.

I realize that this Christian walk of ours is not easy. We are constantly tried just to see how we would react to situations. This will never change. As long as we live, we will be faced with difficult situations and difficult people. However, what matters is not the amount of situations that come, but how we react to them.

I truly believe that the longer we are in a relationship with Christ, we should increase in faith, in all of the fruits of the spirit, in wisdom and so much more. The love of Christ should constrain us from acting any way contrary to God’s way.

We should not want to constantly remain comfortable with the way we are. We should not be okay with the excuse of “this is me, take it or leave it” or “God loves me the way I am, why do I need to change?”  But we should be so much in love with Christ that we want to please Him; and when you want to please someone in a relationship, you are likely going to have to go out of your comfort zone to do so. You are likely to do the things that please Him.

That means, if we find ourselves snapping at people and we know He would not want us to, we would become uncomfortable enough to do something about it.

That means that ten years ago, we may have had only a dot of patience in dealing with people, but as we grow closer to him, we increase in patience.

That means, that if 3 years ago, our faith level was 2%, it should be at least at 5% now.

That means if we were once callous and cold, we should be getting warmer and loveable.

Whatever the situation, the way we respond to it now should be much more different than the way we responded before.

Does the love of Christ constrain you? Does it make you want to change for the better? Does it make you want to grow?

Are you the same since the day you received Christ into your heart?

Tidbit for thought.


Thanks for saying something encouraging :)

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