Is your faith moving you?

I always find it amazing when people ask me to pray with them about stuff and then they make statements such as “I need all the prayers I can get” or “that’s all we can do”.

To me, it’s as if we place limits on the power of prayer. I will be blunt here…why bother pray if our faith doesn’t believe in what we are praying for?

I heard someone say over the weekend that if your faith isn’t moving you, don’t expect it to move anyone or anything else.

As believers in Christ, I think it’s important for us to have faith that can move things. Maybe not mountains, but we should be able to move things… a pin even.

Before we can even begin to move things we have to have confidence in our God that He can. We have to be moved by our faith, that when we ask, we do receive. When others see us holding fast to our faith and the word of God, they too will be moved by it. But if we operate in disbelief, our faith won’t work. It won’t move us to do anything, let alone, move others.

So I ask you today…although this was supposed to be asked yesterday (smh), Is your faith moving you?

What is it that you are believing God for? Have you gone cold, lethargic? I encourage you to change that!


One thought on “Is your faith moving you?

  1. It was asked on the day it needed to be asked. 🙂 and yes, I see my faith expanding and pushing me forward as I increase my expectations of God and what He can (and wants to) do in my life.

Thanks for saying something encouraging :)

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