He is…Jehovah Gibbor

Isaiah 42: 13

The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies.

We used to sing a song that said “the name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and they are saved”

Jehovah Gibbor is the God who defends/ the Man of War.

Have you ever stopped to think how incredibly robust and mighty our God is? With one word, heaven and earth is created and with the sweep of His Mighty hand, it can be destroyed. Can you fathom the depth of your God? How supernatural He is, that He created all of the galaxies, the sun, the moon, and all of the stars…. and then at the same time He created you, all of the intricate details of your tiny body.? God is not only the great Ex Calibur , He is also the microscopic scientist that knows everything. And being who He is, He can fight any battle that rises up against you .

Now when you declare that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, this is why. Jehovah Gibbor stands in all of His glory and splendor and He defends you. He DEFENDS You.
So to every mountain that stands in your way, For every principality that seems too stubborn to come down, tell them that your God is the great Jehovah Gibbor and He fights for you. Tell them that He is your Shield and Buckler and that there is no war that He has not won.


15 thoughts on “He is…Jehovah Gibbor

  1. glooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Thank you so much for the post! I needed to be reminded of the identity of the Mighty, Mighty, Mighty God that I serve!!

  2. Most gladly therefore, will I rather glory in mine infirmities (weaknesses) that the “power of Christ” might rest upon me! Jehovah Gibbor’ got this!!!( no matter what ‘this’ may be )!!!!

  3. Amen!!! My Pastor Preached this today, Jehovah Gibbor the GOD who fights for you! What A Mighty GOD we serve🙌🙌🙌

  4. Hosanna Glooooooooooory Hallelujah. You’re my shield n buckler,fortress,salvation forevermore. I shall not be greatly moved

  5. Jehovah Gibbor will fight for you he will move every strange Spirit that would try to hinder your blessings every stronghold that would try to come against you, we bind every demonic attack, he will fight for you so stand on the word of God and know that he loves you.

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